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Are you frustrated by the scarce results obtained in traditional language courses? Would you prefer to learn in a supportive environment, where your objectives and interests are taken into account? Words in Progress offers workshops and courses which cater to the client’s specific requirements in language learning. All courses are offered both to groups and on an individual basis.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

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Christine Kolacio
I am a teacher, trainer, coach, editor, and translator living and working between Vienna and Triest, Italy.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Are you applying for study abroad or to a Master’s program which is taught in English? Do your writing and communication skills need some special attention to prepare for university? This workshop provides specific training for students needing English at University level. We will read from authentic academic texts, current newspapers and journals, and listen to lectures, podcasts and academic presentations. There will be plenty of time to practice and refine the strategies and structures of academic writing as well as focus on oral expression and discussion skills. (B2 – C2 level)

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Individually-tailored courses to meet the specific vocabulary requirements of clients in diverse industries. We can work together to create a course that meets the specific vocabulary requirements of your field: from agriculture and academia to insurance, real estate, textiles, and much more. (All levels)

English for the United Nations, the Diplomatic Community, and Embassy Staff

International organisations operate in a unique environment and adhere to a distinctive set of rules, vastly different from those of the corporate world. That’s why they require courses that cater specifically to their needs. I plan these courses alongside my international clients, paying careful attention to their requirements, which often include refining discussion skills and producing more effective written texts. (All levels)

Fluency and Pronunciation Training in English and Italian

Would you like to communicate with greater confidence? This workshop focuses on the spoken language and aims to improve pronunciation and fluency by using PDL-based activities to acquire the natural rhythm and melody of the target language. (All levels)

Conversation in the Park

Walking is known to have positive effects on creative thinking. So, how about combining interesting conversation with a breath of fresh air? We can explore Vienna’s beautiful parks together while practicing and further developing speaking skills.

(Available for English and Italian. All levels)

Italian Conversation Training for Singers

Do you need support with the pronunciation of your Italian pieces? This workshop places special emphasis on the rhythm, melody, and pronunciation of the Italian language and is intended for singers. Participants will utilise their own materials and scores. (All levels)


Writing for Pleasure: a Course in Creative Writing

This workshop is for anyone seeking to improve their English skills through a creative approach to writing. It introduces many different kinds of creative writing, including but not limited to:

  • blogs and journals
  • descriptive and narrative texts, short stories
  • dialog
  • travel writing
  • poetry

(Level: Participants should be able to adequately express their ideas in written form.)


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