Students applying to graduate programs or entering the working world; academics presenting their research at peer conferences; managers requiring support in more effective business communication; and the international or expat community. My coaching practice offers clients the safe setting in which to experiment with new ideas and techniques, and prepare for future challenges. Coaching is either available in groups or for individuals.

“In each of us there is another whom we do not know.”

C. G. Jung

about me

Christine Kolacio
I am a teacher, trainer, coach, editor, and translator living and working between Vienna and Triest, Italy.


  • Conference preparation: writing and delivering papers, dealing with questions and answers
  • fluency training


  • applying to graduate school
  • presenting oneself
  • Interview practice

For the corporate world

  • Preparing and Delivering Presentations; dealing with questions
  • Getting your point across: speaking convincingly
  • Effective discussions

For the international community

  • Personal development
  • Career and life changes
  • Intercultural issues


Christine Kolacio

Aichhorngasse 12/4 | 1120 Wien
+43(0)664 41 50 296

Academics – Students – Corporate Clients – International Community – Intercultural Issues