Psycho­drama­tic Linguistics (PDL)

The most dynamic way of learning languages

Learning languages in an entertaining, dynamic, and supportive environment, where participants are encouraged to actively experiment with the new language from the very beginning: that’s what PDL is all about!


“When it’s their own words, it can become their own language.”

Bernard Dufeu


about me

Christine Kolacio
I am a teacher, trainer, coach, editor, and translator living and working between Vienna and Triest, Italy.

Christine Kolacio

Learning takes place in a relaxed, fun, and dynamic atmosphere.

Psychodramatic Linguistics, or PDL, was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Bernard Dufeu of the University of Mainz, Germany, and by his wife, Marie Dufeu. It is an alternative method of foreign language acquisition loosely based on psychodrama, but it is neither drama nor therapy. Learning takes place in a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere. Participants experience the rhythm and melody of the target language, which will allow them to “internalise” it. There are no textbooks and content is determined by the participant(s) according to their needs.

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Individual (one-to-one) courses


  • 90-minute lessons at regular intervals, where you can focus on the skills and vocabulary you need
  • Fluency and pronunciation workshops

Groups (up to 10 people)


  • 90-minute lessons at regular intervals
  • Intense weekend courses (Friday afternoon to Sunday, 15 class hours, including breaks)
  • Week-long PDL courses (Monday to Friday, 25 class hours, from 9 to 1:00 p.m. including breaks)
  • Fluency and pronunciation workshops (up to 4 participants)


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Individuals – Groups – Intensive week or weekend courses